Hi, I'm Kilian Tscherny. 

I advise small businesses on how to use marketing to grow and succeed.


About me

With a professional background in marketing and advertising, I'm inspired to help small businesses gain a competitive edge in today's hyper-connected world.

Having worked with a handful of small businesses as side projects next to my regular career jobs, I've found it to be a fulfilling project which I am keen to continue, especially during the ongoing global pandemic.


If your business has been directly affected by COVID-19, I'd be happy to help you, free of charge.


Sounds like you? Please get in touch!

What I Can Do for you, plain and simple.

One on one strategy sessions

Sole traders and small business owners will benefit most from dedicated one on one strategy sessions, tailor made to your needs. In these sessions, we will collaborate on the various sections of the marketing planning process, including:

  • Discussing and defining your business, marketing and communications objectives

  • Conducting market & competitor analysis to stake out your position among the competition

  • Researching and defining your target market, in order to maximise your marketing efficiency


Businesses and organisations looking to learn more about what marketing can mean for them, and how to strategically implement it, should look no further than the workshop option. Bespoke workshops can cover a variety of topics most relevant to your sector, including:

  • Defining and positioning your brand to ensure clarity of your value proposition

  • Improve the customer journey by examining their path to purchase, through comprehensive customer journey mapping

  • Elevate your digital presence with a crash course on social media and digital advertising

Something more bespoke?


“Anything and everything can be considered marketing — so long as it grows the business.”

Ryan Holiday